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Technical Superiority

Bentuo’s original and unique punching composite net forming technology, with two substitutions (import substitution, process substitution) As a means to subvert the existing production technology and create value for customers.

Process substitution such as: ﹥Replace powder metallurgy products with complex shapes, high strength requirements and high precision requirements.
Import substitution, for example: ﹥Originally develop and produce car PAWL products with exclusive technology to replace all imports and realize localization.

Low cost advantage

We are cold forming processing, do not need to purchase expensive, energy-consuming and emissions-intensive heating equipment, and each product can be produced within a few seconds, without the need for secondary processing.

There is no need to invest in expensive fine-blanking equipment, only ordinary presses + Bentuo's new technical means can realize large-deformation precision cold forming of metal materials.The product size can reach micron precision, small modulus tooth full smooth surface, super smooth surface.

Quality Management

Possess advanced production management mode and strict quality management system 0PPM+JIP(Just in time) product customer delivery.