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Process development

The establishment of a process plan requires a wealth of material processing knowledge, but also an economic account. Only in this way can we provide customers with cost-effective, low-cost production process solutions. Look at the case of SELF-CLINCHING-NUT. This is a non-ferrous metal part with a complex shape.

In this regard, people first thought of using mechanical processing to produce the parts. The usual process is:

Obviously, in the face of tens of thousands of production per day, this processing method requires a large amount of machine tools, requires large-scale investment, low labor productivity and uncontrollable product defect rate. The improved process adopts the composite processing method, the equipment investment scale is greatly reduced by 70%, and the processing time of a single product is saved by 50 or more, which greatly improves the labor productivity of the single product.

Behind an optimized production system solution is the experience accumulated over the years. The result is increased customer satisfaction, added value to both parties, and a win-win situation.


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