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Precision forging composite technology

Precision forging composite technology is a new generation of metal plastic forming technology. The founder of the company was first introduced in a Japanese auto parts supplier at the beginning of this century. It was derived from a series of research and development by traditional stamping process, and the products produced exceeded The concept of general stamping is mostly used for process substitution, achieving the unification of lean production, smart production and environmentally friendly production. Once it is published, it has received the attention of international stakeholders. At the beginning of this century, a large number of enterprises introduced traditional stamping technology from abroad, which was profitable, but with the increase of competitors, the profit level has declined. The field of punching and forging composite technology is still in its infancy. At present, no domestic enterprises use the same technology to produce functional parts. It is expected that some domestic enterprises with advanced awareness will enter this field in the next few years.

Technical characteristics

Precision forging composite technology is a high-end machining system solution with special technology, corresponding to a series of products, each product can be completed in a few seconds. It features a new technology to achieve unprecedented plastic forming of metal materials, replacing other high-cost and high-energy processing methods. It is suitable for integrated large-scale, high-quality, low-cost production, especially suitable for mass production of key functional parts of automobiles.

Main manifestation

The future technological upgrading in this field is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1) The emergence of new materials, each material has its characteristics, and corresponding processing technology is needed to solve production problems. The development of applied materials is a form of industrial upgrading, and production technology will be upgraded with the advancement of materials technology. For example, in the automotive field, high-strength steel sheets and more and more applications of lightweight aluminum alloys have emerged. 2) The emergence of new products, the function of new products is usually realized by special function parts, and the continuous enhancement of functions is both a challenge and an opportunity for production technology. For example, environmentally friendly new energy vehicles will bring new demands to production technology solutions in this field. 3) The emergence of new concept processing technology, there are many areas worthy of development in this area.