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Mold design

● Focusing on punching and forging composite net forming technology

● The development department adopts CAD, CAE, 3D drawing software for R&D and design

● Have a technical team consisting of PhD and master students

Techinque level

Precision stamping and forging composite near net shape technical indicators

● Three-dimensional forming
● Small modulus teeth are formed with full smooth surface
● Super smooth surface
● μ-level accuracy
● Multilayer assembly in the mold
● Thickening forming

1.Dimensional accuracy 0.005mm
2.Surface finish 0.25μm
3.Cut surface bright belt above 95%
4.Tooth modulus 0.15
5.Collapse 0.1mm

Core technologies

Precision stamping and forging compound technology

It is derived from the traditional stamping process through a series of research and development, and is mostly used for process substitution.

Technical characteristics

New technology is used to realize unprecedented plastic forming of metal materials to replace other high-cost and high-energy-consuming processing methods.

Mainly reflect

1)The development of applied materials is a form of industrial upgrading.
2)The functions of new products are usually realized by parts with special functions.
3)The emergence of new concept processing technology.